So you bought your promotions! All set? Not quite.

Your book is great. And promotions and sendouts will definitely help it get to a lot of people on the days you want.


But what happens after?


Sure, the Amazon Also Boughts will kick in and readers will find it organically.


But if you want that extra push to coincide with your promotions, to help you get that extra rank and stay there just a little bit longer while you rack up more sales and more page reads, you’re going to need to invest in some Facebook ads.


Facebook ads will allow you to tailor your marketing dollars to the people who want to read. These are the people who Facebook has been capturing data on based on their most minute of online social media actions. You’ll need to slice and dice them, and get some relevant ads in front of them – and get them to your product page where once they read your amazing blurb and see your fantastic cover, they’ll look inside and read your brilliant prose.

And they’ll buy your book. Finally!


But they won’t do that if you don’t send them to there.


Facebook ads can be tricky. The learning curve can be intense. Even if you’re a pro, they can take maintenance. The ad set that works today may not work tomorrow. The ads that have great relevance may not have good CTR. Your CPC will go up as you burn through your audience.


Trusting a provider is essential. You have to know that your advertising team will hold the licenses for the images they use. They’re spending your money and so communication is important. You’ll want to know that they’re looking at your ads so you don’t have to. So you can plot the next big book and start writing.


Introducing the Shifted Sheets Facebook Ads Package.


We’ll handle your ads. We’ll pick the creative. We’ll tailor the audience. And we’ll run it all from our page so it doesn’t look like you’re out there shilling for your own book.


Our internal staff of Facebook ads experts have taken over 30 books in 2017 into the Top 100. In 2018, they’ve taken 4 so far. Using a simple strategy of segmenting the audience properly and managing the ad sets to ensure the maximum number of clicks.


We’ll do for your book what we’ve done for countless other pen names.


Whether you’re just starting out with a small budget or a large one, Shifted Sheets will have a solution for you.

We invite you to contact us for a free consultation to see if our services are good for you.




Happy Writing!