This is a listing of the most popular author and book services we offer. 


We book Solo Newsletters 7 days a week, 2 a day.

We book the regular newsletter Monday through Friday.



Proofreading does not have to secure a spot in the calendar, you can just go through checkout normally.


Please secure your spot in the Calendar if you're booking a promo and then pay through the cart. 

  • Use 11am or noon for SOLO Spots, Reviews, or Mailing List Boosting.
  • Use 8 am to 10 am or 1pm to 6pm for Regular Newsletter Spots.


After booking, please don't forget to put your item in the cart, and go through checkout. The booking calendar is only to secure your spot, you will still need to pay and go through checkout for the promotion to go through.

Thanks :)


Again, please remember after booking on the calendar to go through checkout. We've a multitude of people that just click the calendar :)


Standard NL Spot

Your book is shown in the 4th-10th spot in the newsletter.


  • Available
  • Delivers within 7 days

Solo NL Spot

Your book is the only one  in the newsletter.


  • Available
  • Delivers within 7 days

Mailing List Booster

Get more people on your mailing list! 


  • Available
  • Delivers within 7 days