Shifted One-On-Ones

Erin Wright- April 26. 2018



Today we’re sitting down with Erin Wright – celebrated USA Today Bestseller who writes western romance. Erin was gracious enough to sit down through what we loosely call an interview but is best probably done over several bottles of wine and then some carbs. Without further ado, we give you Erin Wright.




Sawyer: Hey Erin, how are you today?


Erin: Damn awesome! Happy to be here. 😃


Sawyer: I don’t think anyone has ever been so excited to be in the hot seat before. Like that is a new bar of excitement.


Erin: Well, you just haven’t been around me too much then I figure. I’m like literally excited for everything new. And this is new….so guess what?


Sawyer: By now you’ve heard that this isn’t really like a traditional interview though. You think you’re ready?


Erin: Ummm…I guess? Take it easy on me. I’m just a country gal with a (fairly) innocent mind. Just, you know, don’t read my sex scenes in my book if you want to keep believing that…


Sawyer: Too late. I already have so I literally do not believe you.  But to give you the benefit of the doubt and introduce you to our readers, let’s start with a softball question.


Erin: (Laughing) Balls.


Sawyer: Yeah, innocent. Where’s the eye roll emoji.


Erin: 🙄


Sawyer: Wow. Ok. So uhm…what genres are you known for?


Erin: Contemporary western romance. Swexy contemporary western romance, to be specific.


Sawyer: I’m sorry. Sexy?


Erin. No. (Laughing). Swexy.


Sawyer: Swexy?


Erin: Yeah, that’s totally an awesome, totally made-up word. It’s a combo of “sweet” and “sexy,” and on a heat scale of 1 to 5, it means I write about a 3 or 4, depending on the book. You won’t find menage scenes or cheating or hardcore swear words in my books (c*nt, f*ck, or g*dd*mm*t) but all other swear words on the table and are used liberally. :D My sex scenes are totally open door and…uh…fun to read, shall we say.


Sawyer: Wait. Open door? Like the back door?


Erin: Uhm. No. Who else have you been interviewing before me? This is swexy.


Sawyer: So like what kind of swear words? Do you use the word “hell”?


Erin: I don’t really know if that’s swearing.


Sawyer: I’m pretty sure I got a timeout in elementary school when I told the teacher she could go to hell.


Erin: I think maybe you got a timeout for a different reason, Sawyer.


Sawyer: Let’s get back on topic. Tell me more about this swexy.


Erin: I think that “swexy” fills a void in the romance world where a lot of newsletters advertise a list of “sweet” (clean and wholesome) books and a list of “sexy” (sex toys, reverse harems, the f-bomb, etc) books, but what about us peeps in the middle? Hence the term “swexy.”


Sawyer: This is a brand new concept to me but it’s intriguing. Thank you so much.


Erin: You’re welcome.


Sawyer: So using this definition, what’s the craziest thing you think you’ve ever written?


Erin: Crazy? My books don’t tend to be very crazy, haha!!


Sawyer: For reals?


Erin: Actually, one comment I get again and again in reviews on my books is that they’re very realistic. I don’t have billionaires or rockstars in my books (although I have an upcoming Music in Long Valley series where a former country music star or two will make their way to Long Valley) because I don’t find that relatable. I can’t write shit that I can’t relate to.


Sawyer: Can you say shit in swexy books?


Erin: Yes, oh my God. It’s not sweet, it’s just not roll around in the gutter filthy.


Sawyer: So tell me more about this realistic stuff?


Erin: Well, I actually am in the middle of a firefighters series right now, and I went to the local fire station and did a tour and interview so I could make sure I was getting all of the details right. I also have a former firefighter as a beta reader for all of my books. (Hi Elaine!) She tells me if I’ve gotten anything wrong, but always, always, all mistakes in the books are mine. I am just an author, not a firefighter; hell, I don’t even play a firefighter on TV! Boring, right?


Sawyer: Not at all. So everything you write has a bearing on real life? That’s pretty awesome, you know?


Erin: Everything I write comes from my own life in some fashion or another. I live in a tiny town in Idaho with literally one stoplight in the entire county. It’s…a small place, where everyone knows your name. Sometimes this is a curse; sometimes this is a blessing. It really depends on the day.


Sawyer: Did you grow up there? Where everybody knows your name kinda sounds like Cheers.


Erin: Actually, my family is from another EVEN SMALLER town in Idaho


Sawyer: Smaller? How is that possible?


Erin: Oh, but in Idaho, I promise you, it’s possible! My grandfather was the mayor for years, the school gymnasium is named after my great-grandmother, and my father still drives the bus for the school district to all of the school’s athletic events. My mom, meanwhile, works to serve up food once a month to those who need it and also volunteers twice a week at a different food bank.


Sawyer: That sounds so sweet.


Erin: It is. My sister -who lives in yet another tiny town in Idaho- is on the school board, does just a shit ton of volunteer work in the community, and is currently both the volunteer art teacher and PE teacher.


Sawyer: Do other people aside from your family do stuff in this town?


Erin: Oh, and my dad and my sister were both on the emergency volunteer fire department for years, so we’d be sitting down for dinner when the radio would suddenly go off and there goes part of my family, out the front door to go fight a fire.


Sawyer: Sounds like you picked the perfect genre then, no?


Erin: So yeah, small towns in Idaho is in my blood, which absolutely is why I choose to write about it. There are days where I hate it; there are days where I love it; and spoiler alert: My characters in my novels feel the same way about it! 😃


Sawyer: Ok, enough with the serious stuff—


Erin: I didn’t realize that was even the serious part.


Sawyer: Wait till you get this question.


Erin: Hit me.


Sawyer: If you were kidnapped by a hot dude or a cute girl, would you fight to escape? Or stay kidnapped? What if they did the dishes and cooked fantastic gourmet meals?


Erin: Oh, absolutely escape. My husband, Reagan, aka Handsome Hubby, already cooks amazeballs meals, does probably half the dishes, and loads of other things around the house. Plus, he’s my plotting partner! So yeah, I’m not trading him in for anyone else. Not to mention that Jasmine the Writing Cat would be bereft without me. Who else would she snuggle to within an inch of their lives???


Sawyer: Is that her picture there on top of the screen?


Erin: Yep. She’s literally been with me every word I’ve ever written.


Sawyer: So…what’s on YOUR bookshelf that you don’t want anyone to know about?


Erin:  Huh. I just stared at my bookshelf, trying to find something I’m embarrassed about, and…I got nothing! I’m a pretty open book


Sawyer: Really? You had to make that pun during an author interview?


Erin: (Laughing) Really, no pun intended.  I read almost everything under the sun except horror  and self-help books.


Sawyer: No self help?


Erin: Sorry, they just make me roll my eyes.


Sawyer: Like this? 🙄


Erin: (Laughing) Yep. But I’m game for almost anything else and I’m not afraid to admit to it. My books range from biographies of presidents to fantasy novels to sci-fi novels to thrillers to lots and lots of romance novels. I own the whole trilogy, 50 Shades of Grey – does that count as scandalous enough? 😃


Sawyer: It totally does. So okay, tell me a secret about yourself? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone after publishing this interview.


Erin: No one at all?


Sawyer: Promise.


Erin: Well, okay, if you give me your solemn word…(Whispering) I don’t like peanut butter.


Sawyer: WHAT??!


Erin: I KNOW, RIGHT?! Everyone tells me that I’m gonna have my human card taken away for that one but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t make myself love it. And I have tried, honestly!


Sawyer: Who would win in a wrestling match? A sexy fireman, a sexy doctor or a sexy billionaire? (does that change if they're not wearing any clothes?)


Erin: Oh, a sexy fireman, for sure! :D And of course, a fireman will win, clothes or not. ;)\


Sawyer: Do you have a guilty pleasure trope?


Erin: Accidental baby! That’s actually in my upcoming book (Bundle of Love) and I realized as I was plotting it that this is something that shows up in a fair amount of my books. The “oops!” factor…it’s believable to me, and yet it throws a monkey wrench in everyone’s lives.


Sawyer: So this really is a big thing for you this believability stuff.


Erin: There I go again, talking about believability. But you want to know like another really crazy secret that I sometimes think about?


Sawyer: I am totally all ears.


Erin: I think I am an insanely boring person, honestly. :-p


Sawyer: Uhmm, I don’t think I’ve ever had a guest whose actually said that.


Erin: I’m serious. I’m just a country chick from a small town in Idaho with an adorable cat and a handsome husband. Oh, and I write believable but funny and sometimes heart-wrenching but always happily-ever-after stories, and for some insane reason to me, peeps actually pay me to read my stories.


Sawyer: I don’t know Erin….


Erin: What?


Sawyer: It sounds really unbelievable. Like in a good way.


Erin: There are some days I have trouble believing it myself.


Sawyer: And we’re done. See…that wasn’t so hard, was it?


Erin: Sure, except for that whole part where I had to confess my hatred of peanut butter. I’m going to get hate mail over this one, just you wait!






Vivien Vale- April 26. 2018



Welcome to another Shifted Sheets Author Interview. Today we’re sitting down with Vivien Vale, who has had an astonishing climb through the charts. Starting her career in mid-October, Vivien released several books before hitting it big writing about mountain men. Her books have been featured in the Amazon Top 100 and on top of all that, she’s also a very elegant and nice person to interview. Without further ado, I give you Vivien Vale.




Sawyer: How are you today?


Vivien: I’m very well, thank you for asking. How are you?


Sawyer: I’m actually a bit intimidated as I look through your catalog and wonder how you found the time to sit down for this interview. You’ve got an enviable list of titles there.


Vivien: (Laughing) I’ve done a lot of co-writes and I just happened to be writing what people wanted to be reading at the moment. There’s nothing magical or special about it. Just sitting each day plugging away on the keyboard.


Sawyer: That’s all it takes?


Vivien: (Pausing) Well, it helps to have some special traditions and rituals too I think to make you realize where you are in the process.


Sawyer: Now we’re getting somewhere juicy. Do tell.


Vivien: Is this part of the interview?


Sawyer: This isn’t a traditional interview so we’ve already begun, yeah. Now tell me what the traditions and rituals are that give you so much success? Is it something profane?


Vivien: (Laughing) Not at all. But it is kind of gross to an outsider maybe…I don’t know.


Sawyer: Now I need to know what you’re going to say.


Vivien: I only change clothes once every 2,000 words.


Sawyer: What?


Vivien: That’s me being crazy, but yeah. I usually knock out 2,000 words a day, but I will literally not change clothes – anything – until I’m done with the chapter.


Sawyer: Wow. That’s uhm…


Vivien: Unhygienic?


Sawyer: Interesting?


Vivien: Don’t get me wrong. It started as inspiration to stay focused before when I started to write. But if I’m not at a word count that’s divisible by 2,000 those old clothes are staying on.


Sawyer: So you said you don’t have a problem usually getting 2,000 words out in a day. Have you ever?


Vivien: Uhm…next question.


Sawyer: We’re coming back to it, you know. No way I’m letting you go on this. They’d take away my investigative journalist license.


Vivien: They give licenses for that?


Sawyer: They do. It allows me to ask questions like what genres you’re known for.


Vivien: I’m a bit of a trope whore, to be honest. I read a lot. I love reading smut. Like it fills this great big hole in my…


Sawyer: We don’t need to go there…


Vivien: Heart. Oh my God.. It fills a whole in my HEART for classic love stories that are fun.


Sawyer: ….


Vivien: Anyways, so I usually fall in love with whatever I’m reading and then I get all these ideas and I can’t help myself. That’s why I bounce around from character to character, and story to story.


Sawyer: So what’s the craziest thing you think you’ve ever written?


Vivien: I’d have to say my Spring Break Bride was pretty crazy because I borrowed pretty heavily from my college days. We went to Spring Break at Myrtle Beach and it was the inspiration for my book.


Sawyer: How much bearing do you think it had on real life?


Vivien: About 95%.


Sawyer: Wow. What was missing?


Vivien: The happily ever after. The book had one. I just had finals back at college in real life.


Sawyer: Wow. That’s a bummer.


Vivien: But I did so many re-writes. Let me tell you, there wasn’t much changing of clothes for the last chapter on that book.


Sawyer: So how long have you gone then without changing clothes because you hadn’t written 2,000 words?




Sawyer: Another question?


Vivien: Please.


Sawyer: If you were kidnapped by a hot dude or a cute girl, would you fight to escape? Or stay kidnapped? What if they did the dishes and cooked fantastic gourmet meals?


Vivien: I don’t know. Is there sex involved?


Sawyer: I would hope so.


Vivien: (Laughing) I’m taking the key and throwing that shit away. Ain’t no one going to ever find Vivien Vale!


Sawyer: Wow. That sure huh?


Vivien: But most likely they’d give me up after a day. Knowing my luck.


Sawyer: You seem pretty classy. I doubt they’d give you up. I’ve never heard of kidnappers getting tired of the people they steal.


Vivien: It can happen. Sometimes, no matter how much money is involved a ransom just isn’t worth the aggravation.


Sawyer: Oh?


Vivien: I read it in a book. It made me laugh.


Sawyer: So…what’s on YOUR bookshelf that you don’t want anyone to know about?


Vivien: I’m a sucker for Where’s Waldo.


Sawyer: You think if you find him, he would kidnap you?


Vivien: If he can cook, and do…other things…I’m throwing the key away, Sawyer.


Sawyer: You know I meant reading, right.


Vivien: Waldo can read to me at night.


Sawyer: So okay, tell me a secret about yourself? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone after publishing this interview.


Vivien: Fine. It’s time I tell you how long I’ve gone without changing any article of clothing all for the sake of my art.


Sawyer: Really?


Vivien: No. Do I look that easy to you?


Sawyer: We just talked about you throwing away the key….so…


Vivien: Hypotheticals. A secret, huh? Let’s see. I absolutely and with every fiber in my being cannot stand golf.


Sawyer: You hate golf?


Vivien: Every manuscript I’ve ever written, I capitalize the “g” and make Golf a villain in my books. My editor corrects it out. I hate Golf. I have a short story where the world bans golf.


Sawyer: Remind me never to introduce you to my brother who plays golf for a living.


Vivien: So let me see these questions. These are very odd questions.


Sawyer: (Handing sheet) They’re pretty standard, to be honest.


Vivien: (Reading) So Sawyer, who would win in a wrestling match? A sexy fireman, a sexy doctor or a sexy billionaire? (does that change if they're not wearing any clothes?)


Sawyer: Oh. Well. Wait. You’re asking me?


Vivien: (Staring)


Sawyer. I guess…the sexy billionaire. Because they’re just billionaires and they can do anything.


Vivien: Is that your final answer?


Sawyer: What is this? Who wants to be a millionaire?


Vivien: Maybe it’s Who wants to be a billionaire and you’re going to have to wrestle.


Sawyer: Why don’t you tell me how long you go without changing?


Vivien: Stewing in my own filth as I write filth you mean?


Sawyer: Speaking of which, do you have a guilty pleasure trope?


Vivien: I love those billionaire hangover books that have been coming out recently. They’re so refreshing and I like to laugh. I’m quirky and funny and it fits with what I want to read. 


Sawyer: And now for the final question.


Vivien: I knew it was coming.


Sawyer: Vivien…


Vivien: Fine. One time it took me four days to finish 2,000 words.


Sawyer: Four days of wearing the same clothes?


Vivien: Yep.  Worst 4th of July weekend ever.


Sawyer: Oh my. I’m guessing freedom did not ring that weekend.


Vivien: It stank to high heaven.


Sawyer: See, that wasn’t so bad now, was it?


Vivien: I change my mind. Next book will have a side villain called Sawyer.


Sawyer: I’m honoured.


Vivien: Thank you for having me.


Daphne Dawn- April 21. 2018



Today our interview is with Daphne Dawn – an author that’s really made a name for herself in menage and romantic comedy. We did this interview via Skype and my sides are still hurting from laughing so much as I put it together.




Sawyer: Hey, how are you today, Daphne?


Daphne: I’m just fine, Sawyer. How is you?


Sawyer: I’m excited to do this interview. You ready.


Daphne: You bet. Although we’ll see how excited you are after we’re done here.


Sawyer: That sounds a bit like a challenge to me! You know this isn’t a traditional author interview right?


Daphne: I do indeed. But you know I’m not like a traditional author either, right?


Sawyer: I do. Lets just say that when I read The Other Brother, I was glad I wasn’t out in public.


Daphne: (Laughing). I wrote it with Natalie and we got so drunk as we came up with our chapters. I think we must have drank 40 bottles of wine.


Sawyer: So it’s a billionaire hangover romance. Did you have a hangover during writing it?


Daphne: Every. Single. Day.


Sawyer: So lets start with a softball question. What genres are you known for?


Daphne: Well, actually that’s a tough one. I initially got into this to write menage. The more men the better the menage. But lately I’ve been co-writing with a dear friend of mine and am heading into the world of romantic comedy.


Sawyer: So what would you say the craziest thing you’ve ever written was?


Daphne: Would a ten-some on the top floor of the Empire State Building count?


Sawyer: (Gasp) Ten guys…wait, what book?


Daphne: (Winking) Hasn’t been published yet.


Sawyer: Well then, ahem. Only published books please.


Daphne: I’d say The Marriage Mistake is the craziest thing I’ve written to date then. But it’s tame compared to my ten-some.


Sawyer: I may have forgotten my next question.


Daphne: You were probably going to ask if what I write has any bearing to my real life.


Sawyer: You must have read my mind. Like there was a form or something with questions on it.


Daphne: ….


Sawyer: Well?


Daphne: A lady doesn’t kiss and tell, Sawyer.


Sawyer: I suppose I could give you the bit about inquiring minds and such.


Daphne: My lips are sealed.


Sawyer: That’s a pity.


Daphne: But other parts of me aren’t.


Sawyer: I’m going to try to move on after that statement. If you were kidnapped by a hot dude or a cute girl, would you fight to escape? Or stay kidnapped? What if they did the dishes and cooked fantastic gourmet meals?


Daphne: (Laughing) I’d fight to stay kidnapped as long as they let me keep my laptop so I could write!


Sawyer: Might defeat the point of the kidnapping.


Daphne: (Winking) I’m sure I could convince them.


Sawyer: I bet you could. So…what’s on YOUR bookshelf that you don’t want anyone to know about?


Daphne: I have the entire collection of Christine Kingsley. I’m a sucker for western romance.


Sawyer: I would have never figured that considering what you write.


Daphne: Looks can be deceiving, I’d say.


Sawyer: So okay, tell me a secret about yourself? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone after publishing this interview.


Daphne. Hmmm. Sometimes I type one handed.


Sawyer: (Nodding). I’ve read some of your scenes. I can understand that.


Daphne: Because I eat while I type! Get your mind out of the gutter (Laughing)


Sawyer: Well, I didn’t see that one coming. Ok. Let’s move on. Who would win in a wrestling match? A sexy fireman, a sexy doctor or a sexy billionaire? (does that change if they're not wearing any clothes?)


Daphne: That’s a tough one. You know me, though. So I’ll say, when you have three men, why does only one have to win? Why can’t all three get the prize?


Sawyer: What prize would that be exactly?


Daphne: (Smiling) Why…me.


Sawyer: (Shaking head). Do you have a guilty pleasure trope?


Daphne: Explicitly sexual paranormal western romance.


Sawyer: I didn’t even realize that was a niche.


Daphne: Maybe it’ll become one soon.


Sawyer: Is that a clue to your next book?


Daphne: (Smiling). We shall see, won’t we?


Sawyer: I guess we’re done here. That wasn’t so hard, was it?


Daphne: Well, depends. Are you still excited to do this interview?


Gage Grayson- April 18. 2018


Sawyer: How are you today?


Gage: Hey! I’m doing good. How are you?


Saywer: I’m glad to be sitting down with you. You’re a hard man to get a hold of.


Gage: (Chuckling) You would be too if you had three kids you had to raise by yourself and set of hardware stores to run before you got a chance to write.


Sawyer: I think I’d go crazy. I don’t know how you do it.


Gage: Sometimes I’m not sure either. I want to say coffee.


Sawyer: Nothing stronger?


Gage: Let’s say there’s a lot of booze involved after a release.


Sawyer: So this isn’t a traditional author interview. You think you’re ready?


Gage: Sure.


Sawyer: So lets start with a softball question. What genres are you known for?


Gage: I write primarily contemporary romance. I like bad boys because I used to be one when I was out there sowing my wild oats. I like to think I still am sometimes. But the biggest thing is I usually write from an all male perspective. That means no alternating POVs. Just the dude.


Sawyer: Wow. Ok. So what’s the craziest thing you think you’ve ever written?


Gage: (Laughing) Did you just hear the answer to the last question. All male POV is probably pretty crazy, don’t ya think?


Sawyer: That’s pretty different, I got to admit. So did it have any bearing on anything from real life?


Gage: Don’t get me wrong. I can write women. But I think giving readers the deep, immersive dive into the male psyche is a new angle that hasn’t been seen as much before.


Sawyer: So here’s where the interview gets a little bit “unique”.


Gage: Oh boy. Here we go.


Sawyer: If you were kidnapped by a hot dude or a cute girl, would you fight to escape? Or stay kidnapped? What if they did the dishes and cooked fantastic gourmet meals?


Gage: Are you crazy? I’d put my feet up and turn on the Colts. A woman to cook and do the dishes? Have I mentioned I raise three kids by myself.


Sawyer: Anyone in particular you’d like?


Gage: My late wife. If she came back to me, I’d be in heaven.


Sawyer: Wow. Yeah. So moving on.  Tell me what’s on YOUR bookshelf that you don’t want anyone to know about?


Gage: You ready for this?


Sawyer: Always.


Gage: Cunning Linguist by Alexis Angel.


Sawyer: Oh really? You fancy yourself a cunning linguist, Mr. Grayson?


Gage: I’m trying to write for a living aren’t I?


Sawyer: So okay, tell me a secret about yourself? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone after publishing this interview.


Gage: (Chuckling) Maybe no one will need to know.


Sawyer: (Eye roll).


Gage: Okay, how’s this. I usually name the main bad dude in my books after someone I know from real life. I don’t want anyone to ever know that.


Sawyer: Seems fair. Who would win in a wrestling match? A sexy fireman, a sexy doctor or a sexy billionaire? (does that change if they're not wearing any clothes?)


Gage: As a volunteer fireman, I’m going to go with fireman. All the time. Clothes or no clothes.


Sawyer: Do you have a guilty pleasure trope?


Gage: Baby, I am a guilty pleasure trope.


Sawyer: …..


Gage: Told ya.


Sawyer. Ahem. See. That wasn’t so hard, was it?


Gage: Lets see if you ever invite me back.