Make Me A Mommy- Liz Lorde & Vivien Vale!!

Seven long years.
Her face has haunted me.
Awake and in dreams.
And nothing is what it seems...
My life is a puzzle.
No clue what happened.
All I know is when I see her,
I have to know who she is.
I can't deny the pull.
The way we're drawn together.
I want to make her mine.
But there are secrets.
Hidden truths. Devious lies.
Ones that threaten to keep us apart.
When the truth of our past comes out,
Will I still be able to claim her as my own?
All I know now is I won't let her go.
I'll make her my bride, 
Become a family.
Make her a mommy...
I want my life back.
But there's a battle ahead.
And this time I'm playing for keeps.