Taking My Mafia Princess- Chloe Fischer!!

She’s pure, undiluted, sex-on-a-stick, and she knows it.

Her father is the most important Mafia boss around, and I want to become his right-hand man.

I’m promised the promotion IF I can keep Celina safe for 6 months. See, Celina has a bad habit of crushing her protection team. She’s made a game out of chewing them up and spitting them out – just to prove she’s smarter than all of them. 

Well, she’s going to learn a hard lesson from me. 

Just when I think I have her tamed, in one final act of defiance, she takes off. And of course, that’s when my enemy abducts the little spitfire right out from under me. 

Now I’ve got to save her before he kills her – to prove to her father that I’m still the right man for the job, AND so that I can put Celina in her place too…

Man, sometimes I love my job.