Falling For My Dirty Uncle- Alexis Angel!!

She's so sweet.

So good.

So...off limits.

Well baby, limits were meant to be pushed. 

And I'm not stopping till she's crying uncle.

Mira. Body of a goddess. Face of an angel. 

She's perfection incarnate. 

But when she walks by,
I know I'll be defiling it.

She sees the look in my eye. 

Savage. Brutal. 

I'll take what I want. 

And I want her. 

I can tell she wants me too.

Well, I'm about to give it to her. Hard.

I don't care if she's my brother's new step-daughter.

I don't care if it's wrong. 

I could care less if it's filthy.

By the time I'm done that sweet little face will have changed.

She'll be panting with desire. 

Contorting with pleasure.

Because the only thing going down now...

Will be one dirty uncle.