Hold Onto Me- Julia Conners!!

I saved her life... then we created a new one. 

I find her on the edge of a cliff.

I keep her from jumping. Or at least I think I do.

She won't tell me why she was there or what she was doing.

Or anything else, except that she wants me to f*ck her pain away.

She's so gorgeous that I have to oblige.

As we grow closer, it's clear she's keeping another secret from me. 

She thinks it's best to go our separate ways, but I have other plans.
I didn't let her fall off that cliff.
I held her in my grasp- and pinned her to the wall with my c*ck- when she needed me to.
So I won't let her slip out of my life, even if she thinks that's what I want.

I suspect she's having my child.
And I'm determined to keep caring for what's mine.