Get Pucked- Jamila Jasper!!

Luc is my client. He’s aggressive, unruly and dangerously off limits. 
He wants to have me in every position and toy with me until I scream.
I must resist him. I could lose my job… I could lose everything. 
If either of us screw up our next gig, our entire lives will be ruined.
He’s supposed to be well behaved. I’m supposed to keep him that way.
But how can you tame a man who’s as much of a beast in the bedroom as on the ice? 

She runs the show in her world and I run the show in mine.
I’m what anyone would consider an alpha. My publicists shake in their boots when I walk in the room.
Not her. 
She isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. Not even me. Not even my past.
Amy thinks I can change my life around, but I know the truth about guys like me.
We never change. At least I never will… Not for her, not for anyone.