Gabriel: An MC Romance- Liz K. Lorde!!

She's night, and he's day. They're from two different worlds, but their troubled hearts pine for one.
Trapped in an abusive relationship because of an addiction I got caught in, life has me in its toothy grip.
Attending college I never wanted, and busting ass at the diner is hard work.
Until my dark, ripped, tattooed savior ravages my life like the perfect storm.
Black leather and an attitude, he's everything I crave.
And everything I hate.
He thinks I'll bend over when a stroke of luck brings us together, igniting hell on earth between us.
He thinks I'll be easy.
Hah. Well isn't he in for a surprise.
Disposing threats is what I do. Learning to love a curvy, down-on-her-luck girl I never wanted to f*ck with?
Not so easy.
Motorcycle blood runs deep in my family, and I never wanted to be a part of it. Except time changes you, and I've gone to war for this club. I've got the scars and sleepless nights to prove it.
Why does it feel like no matter how hard I push, that this loud-mouthed princess I'm babysitting just enchants me. Like she's going to bring down my walls.
She doesn't know me. My darkness. I'd break her and damn myself before claiming her as mine.
That's what I keep telling myself at least.