A Daddy For Mother’s Day- Natalie Knight & Daphne Dawn!!

For years she's been the mother to my child.
Now it's time to find this woman.
And make her my wife.

I'm an international sensation, baby.
You see me on your screen. 
My flash. 
You swoon over my face. Coo over my body. 
You want my toys. 
And all I want?
Is my family.

Several years ago they were torn away from me.
I'm incomplete. 
Without my child. 
And a bride by my side.

But it's not so easy. 
There are skeletons from our past.
Darkness in our thoughts. 
We have pain to get over. 
Sadness to overcome.

All I know is this. 
I'm going to make her mine. 
Nothing will stop me from possessing those lips. 

Nothing will keep me from owning that body. 
I'll do whatever I have to. 
I swear on my life. 

By the time I'm done, the three of us will be a family.
And I just might make her a mommy times two...