The Rochester Riot Box Set- Colleen Charles!!

Will you take them down, or let them score? 
No matter your choice, these hot hockey heroes will always light your red light. This boxed set by International best-selling author, Colleen Charles, contains three full-length novels featuring sexy alpha heroes you'll swoon over and independent and feisty heroines you'll root for until the final page. Get ready to feel all the feels.
You'll love the steam, humor, and twists and turns all on your journey to a happily ever after. 
It's a little bit of hockey laced with a whole lot of love! 
The Slot
Eloise and Cole meet over a contested package of powdered sugar donuts. Will this edgy hockey hero be able to tame the heart of his icy executive?
The Crease
Shredder and Kylie bond over spilled beer...literally. Will this huge teddy bear of a goalie be able to win the heart of his pink-haired spitfire? This book contains the famous hot yoga scene!
The Rebound
After the NHL kills his dreams, Ryder takes a second-choice job in the Riot front office. Will he ever get his second chance to pursue his passions. Or, will he figure out that falling in love with Hannah is so much more important than any game?