Falling for the Alpha- Van Cole!!

Can True Love Last Between The Good Guy And The Bad Guy?

Jake Frost was a tearaway once—spending his days committing petty crimes and living up to all those terrible shifter stereotypes that bigoted humans have. A stint in the military had him straightened out, but now he spends his days looking for a job that doesn't want to be found, and his nights running from ugly memories of desert heat and relentless gunfire.

By contrast, Mikhail Debrov has always been on the right side of the law. A police officer and straight-edge single parent, Mikhail has long since suffered with guilt for the passing of his ex-wife. Their relationship was always stilted, and though they stayed together for their son, they never really had the kind of connection that Mikhail now craves.

Years ago, their paths might have crossed in very different circumstances but these days, Jake is a new man, and Mikhail is about to realize that he has some changes of his own to make. Especially when an unforeseen development blindsides them both. Can Jake settle down from the promiscuous lifestyle that numbs his pains, and learn to let family protect him instead? Can Mikhail come to terms with a sexuality he never thought he'd possess? Or will the urban maze let them both stumble away and lose each other forever?