Daddy’s Little Angel- Mia Clark!!

She's my little sister's best friend.
She calls me Daddy.
She's completely off limits.
And she's mine.

I had one job: look after my sister's best friend while she's away at college.
If only she knew the half of it.
Yeah, I give Fiona a place to stay, somewhere to sleep.
My bed. Clothing optional. Bed-shaking nights mandatory.

She started it.
By teasing me.
By calling me Daddy.
By telling me what a good girl she'd be for me.

I finished it by staking my claim and making her mine.
I'm risking hell from my little sister for sneaking around.
Having my fill of her best friend night after night.
Fiona thinks she's risking her heart.

I don't care.
She's mine.
We're finishing this MY way.
We'll find OUR way.

Tears. Kisses. Passion. Chaos.
Bring it on!