Burning Hearts- Vivien Vale & Gage Grayson!!

In the past, we did our dance.
We played with fire.
Burned each other.
And now we're back, baby.

Margot. The one that got away.
The one I never forgot.
Hot enough to make your blood boil.
Walks by you and you start to sweat. 
She likes it hot. Hard. With a definite sizzle.

It all comes back when I least expect it. 
She shows up on my doorstep with a kid in tow.
Body of a siren with her crooked little smile. 
Its all the spark that's needed.

But the odds are against us.
She may have a secret. But so do I.
One we never saw coming.
One that could end things forever.

Because our flame still burns bright.
But will it guide our way to a shared future?
Or destroy us, once and forever?