Torrid- Kayla Woodward!!

Two lovers forced apart – What will they do to be together forever?

When Tinsley Whittaker finds herself on the eve of an arranged marriage to the son of a Manhattan scion, she thinks she will be able to fake it. But, that's before Noah Stone, scourge of the Financial Markets of Wall Street and playboy billionaire, has stolen her heart! What's a girl to do?

I’ve always imagined finding my one true love. I’ve always been a big believer in soul mates.
But I never expected to fall for the one man I’m not supposed to be with.
Noah Stone is intriguing, honest, incredibly sexy and the one man I should stay away from.
But, love isn’t easy, it’s complicated and messy.
I’ll do whatever it takes to be the woman in Noah’s arms.
He could hurt me over and over again, as long as all that’s standing in the end is us.
I'd burn my entire world to the ground before I lose him.

I’ve got Manhattan at my feet, and the world in the palm of my hand.
Never did I think there was anything missing from my life. Women were just accessories to me, things to use for slaking my thirst for lust.
That is, until the one woman I can’t have changes my mind about everything to do with love.
Of course this won’t be easy; Tinsley’s parents are determined to force her into a marriage of convenience to consolidate their wealth.
But I’m determined to prove that I’m the only man she needs.
No matter what happens, I’m not giving up on my one true love.