Black Sunshine- Ninie Hammon!!

Secrets never stay buried with the corpses … not even under a mountain.

Ever since the day a rescue team dragged an unconscious Will Gribbins out of the smoke from the explosion that killed twenty-seven miners in the Harlan #7 Coal Mine, shame, guilt and fear have gnawed at Will's soul. Something happened down in the absolute dark of the mine after the explosion that Will swore a blood oath he’d never reveal, and keeping that secret for two decades reduced him to a homeless, under-a-bridge drunk. 

But Will has finally stopped running. Clinging desperately to the precepts of a twelve-step program, he comes home to the mountains to seek impossible forgiveness, and to confess what he did—only to discover that the truth about what reallyhappened that day in a mile-deep hole under Black Mountain lies in the magical coal statues carved by a handicapped boy. Will has no time to figure out the mystery of the statues, though. His return to Aintree Hollow has lit a fuse of retribution and insanity, and now only he can stop the madness before it explodes in another disaster that won’t be an accident. This time, it will be murder.

With painstaking research, award-winning journalist and bestselling thriller and suspense novelist Ninie Hammon has created a dark, dangerous world, accurate to the smallest detail. Her characters tell a story that will put you in mind of the prodigal son. If you enjoy gut-tightening suspense coupled with Hammon’s characteristic dusting of “the unexplainable,” step into the forever night of Black Sunshine’s coal mines. But don’t go too deep or stay too long. Or you might make the acquaintance of the mother of all terrors—being buried alive, gasping for breath until there’s no air left.