The Perfectionist

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It’s supposed to be all pleasure and no romance. That’s the agreement.
But some contracts are made to be broken…


As the Sentry Casino’s head of HR, it’s my job to manage people. I also have a stubborn tendency to take on too much, and it’s backfired spectacularly. I lost my cool at the worst possible moment, and that one slip has put my career in jeopardy during a critical point in the Sentry’s expansion.

I’ve turned to the services of Eric for my stress relief. He’s the most talented Master I’ve ever met. He’s taken me to heights of pleasure I’ve never known.

But I’m just his client. Can I tell Eric I want to surrender to him outside of the dungeon without ruining the best thing that’s ever happened to me?


At Madam Myrina’s, my client contracts have one cardinal rule: no intimacy. Don’t mix the professional and the personal. That’s the cost of the job – I get to size up men, make them beg for me to dominate them, and unleash my fantasies, but I end the night alone.

Along comes Mick Mazur, a delicious blank slate eager to learn everything I have to offer. He’s driving me to distraction.

For the first time, I’m tempted to violate my own rules…

***The Perfectionist has steamy scenes, light domination play, and a happy ending.***