Second Chance For The Billionaire

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Time was a funny thing, but it was a nightmare when I didn’t have it.
Losing my memories of one of the worst relationships of my life was a blessing in disguise.
A year and a half is long time to piece together most of my adult life, but I managed.


But then she came into my life, and I discovered what it’s like for a woman to really love me.
She made our relationship fun yet intense- exciting yet resigned.
We were destined to be together even as life threatened to pull us apart.
A chance meeting brought us together again, and I learned the true nature of a marriage without a ring.


Being a teacher wasn’t easy, and it was even worse when I only took the job for the money.
I didn’t want to work with rich, stuck up girls that would never grow because they were weighed down with too much money.
I didn’t want to be stuck waiting for someone that came in and out of my life like a bolt of lightning.
And yet, that’s what I found myself doing.
When he walked into my classroom, I knew instantly that my life was going to jump back on track.
He accepted my childish


and even sat through sappy, animated movies to give me a shoulder to cry on.
Fate was a fickle thing, tearing us apart when we had only just come together.
This time, I wasn’t going to lose my chance to have him.

Second Chance For The Billionaire is a 44000 words Billionaire Second Chance Secret Baby Romance novel.A Happy Ever After standalone with NO cheating and No cliffhanger!

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