Impetously Irresistible

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Jessica Mason is a spirited and feisty twenty-five-year-old woman who is slowly, but steadily realizing that her existence has turned into a very hot mess.
Since her boss started to make unwanted advances on her person, her once-beloved job as office co-admin has morphed into a never-ending awkward nightmare and she really needs to get out of it ASAP.
On top of everything else, her love-life is non-existent. She has completely sworn off men, tired of having meaningless strings of first dates and to never feel a connection with any of them.
Her heart has never been touched and she is very much ready to meet The One.
The only problem is she is sick of waiting for this real man.
Couldn’t he get on with it, show up on his white stallion and save the day or something?
Apparently no.
She is alone and it sucks.

Charles Spade is a debonair and handsome, successful Manhattan billionaire with a very positive outlook on life, but he is feeling pretty low right now and nothing seems to be able to pull him out from this slump.
One would think he has it all: money, power, friends and a very active dating-record. He should be happy behind his ever-present smile, but he is not.
He is tired of girlfriends only interested in his wealth.
He doesn’t want a bed-warmer, he doesn’t want something brain-deprived, pretty and shiny hanging from his arm at parties.
He wants a real woman. He wants the real thing. He wants love.
Once he crosses paths with Jessica, there’s no stopping him from making her his, not that she would resist him, anyway: it wouldn’t be possible.

There’s a lure between them that they can’t escape, an invisible energy that makes them irresistibly attracted to each other.
One kiss it’s all it takes and all of a sudden nothing can stand between these two and around them, the world slips off and fades away into nothingness.