Immortally Yours

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Introducing the “Immortally Yours” Novel – Discover NOW The New Gothic Paranormal Romance by Amalia Altman!

Suspense – Mystery – Excitement!

What is vengeance, if not the darkness? What is love, if not the light?

What is life, if not for death?

As an immortal (Isaac) struggles to reconcile the sins of his past with the terror of his present an evil force rises to strike him down and claim that eternal life for itself. But, it isn’t the darkness of the demon that haunts him–it is the reality that he can’t escape it forever.

In the binds of life and death, teetering on both sides with uncertainty, a woman (Sophia) may be the deciding factor in Isaac’s ultimate end. Her love may bring him hope, but her life may prove his downfall.

Can the demons be defeated by hubristic force or will the key to victory over the darkness, be love in its purest form?

Whose blood must spill?

Whose life must end?

Can love transcend the infinite?

“Immortally Yours” is a gothic paranormal romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating.

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