Hidden Agenda

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The pressure to choose is on as high-dollar offers pour in. The men of Pentabyte raise their bid for my code–and my affection. As things heat up, they have me longing for a merger outside the boardroom, but I can’t shake the feeling that the increasing bad luck I’ve run into isn’t just coincidence–someone is playing a malicious game with my life and I don’t know who to trust. Is my heart just another bargaining chip in this nefarious scheme?

Hidden Agenda is book two of The Code, a reverse harem continuation series of five full-length novels with heart, humor, and a steamy action suspense storyline that builds in intensity with each book. You’ll find a strong woman and five intriguing men, each with their own quirks, wounds, and desires–but their focus is all on her.

Jude, the strong, silent alpha, always calmly in control
His twin, Jax, the mysterious one with a dark past
Trigg, a sweetheart who carries his battle scars quietly
Daniel, the dashing gentleman with a brilliant mind
And Gunner, the youngest and the life of the party.