Every Moment With You

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Two broken hearts. One second chance.


I’ve been in love with Hendrix Cole since I was a little girl. We shared our dreams. Our fears. Planned our future together. He was mine… But then he broke my heart. For six years, I haven’t been the same. What he took from me, I can never get back.  Now, he swears he never meant to hurt me. He begs me for a second chance but I have to stay strong. Losing him once almost destroyed me.  No matter how much my heart wants him, I know the truth.  That truth? I won’t survive losing Hendrix Cole a second time.   


I’ve been in love with Maddie Davis since I was a boy. She was my fiancé. My safe haven. My everything. I’d die before I let anyone hurt her.  Six years ago, I protected her from harm by breaking her heart. Now, I have a second chance.   This time, I won’t screw it up.  I’ll tell her the truth about why I walked away.  She has to forgive me. Maddie is mine. Always has been. Always will be.   Every Moment with You is a standalone, 106k word novel.  Warning: Contains triggers that may be disturbing to some readers.