Every Breath You Take

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Two damaged souls. One chance for salvation. 

I’m surrounded by darkness.
The scars marring my flesh are a reminder of the hell I’ve survived.
Since escaping my past I’ve become stronger, more hardened.
I’ve built walls to protect myself, refusing to allow anyone to see the real me.
But then came Anthony.
He makes me want again… makes me feel again.
He swears he wants a future with me but I know better.
His infatuation with me? It won’t last.
He’ll run the moment he sees how damaged, how broken, how tainted I am.
Falling for him would be a mistake.
The sweetest mistake I could ever make.

I’ve lived in the darkness for far too long.
I’ve seen the true depths of human nature. I fight against it every day.
Some might call me jaded – they don’t have a clue.
But then came Shelby.
In an instant, she became the light in my world.
She’s my hope. My purpose.
But she’s terrified of something – or someone – from her past.
She shouldn’t be. I’ll die before I let someone hurt her or her son.
I’ll do anything for them.
Anything, except leave.
No matter how hard she tries to push me away.

Every Breath You Take is a standalone, 123k word novel. 
Warning: Book contains triggers that may be disturbing to some readers.