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“I love your body!”
“ You should do that baby, clean your soul and I will do my duty there!” 
Alexa never had it easy. She always played second fiddle to her sexy sister. But not this time.
Alexa is a young and untouched 20 year old who followed the rules set by her parents, but she has a deep need to live out her fantasy. A fantasy she buried deep down inside her in her private moments. 
 You see she saw him first, her sister’s husband , Titan.
 Titan is the experiencedeccentric billionaire genius from the Midwest, with rock solid abs gorgeous hair, brown hazel eyes loved all over the world, with homes in Canada. He is the one she fantasizes about on a daily basis submitting to his deepest desires. But there lies the problem.
 In her words:
He is off limits because he is married to my sister, but I saw him first and the deep desire within me to have him in my bed cannot be stopped. And the feeling is mutual, but would I be wrecked by guilt for doing this? Or will he make me submit to his every fantasy?