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The Weaponsmaker




Praise for The Weaponsmaker;

“FORGED IN FIRE! Giles Becker vividly created this tyrannical world and populates it with uniquely complex characters.”
“A great, captivating book with heroic, inspiring … Read the rest

Splintered Galaxy




A loyal marine that will defend Earth to the bitter end and a renegade soldier that will kill anyone that picks a fight with humanity.

The human race’s last … Read the rest

First Secret




“If you loved me, you would have taught me how to protect myself!”

Uncle Teddy kept me from the Hunt to “protect me” when my parents died. That didn’t … Read the rest

Compound 26




A deadly virus. A brilliant, young researcher. And an infected survivor who threatens to steal her heart.

In a society ruled by sanctions and curfews, Dr. Meghan Forester emerges … Read the rest

Awakened Spells




When you’re a thief trying to get by on the scraps of your labor, life is anything but easy.

Lexa Blackmoon, orphan and low-end magical thief, is just trying … Read the rest

Project Catchstar




Like Michael Crichton and Andrew Mayne? Then you’ll love this fast-paced technothriller, featuring excellent reviews and what one reader called “a heroine who is whip smart, irreverent, and unfailingly … Read the rest

Draekon Fire




Crazy jungle planet. Killer orange fungus. Crimson snakes in the water. The worst part? While I was in a coma, I seem to have acquired two dragon mates.

When … Read the rest

Her Alien Bodyguard




Diana is Earth’s last hope. The courageous explorer leads her team to an ice planet across the galaxy in search of a mysterious compound that can jump start our … Read the rest