Billionaire Playboy

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Used condoms, bras and panties littered about the house: that was what I’d been forced to clean up each day to support myself and my daughter.

Pushed past my breaking point, when my boss, billionaire playboy Devon Townstead, came home early, I couldn’t help but give him a piece of my mind, even if it meant risking my job in the process.

To my surprise, instead of firing me, he gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse.


People didn’t talk to me the way that feisty little maid did. As she ranted and raved, fire in her eyes, I couldn’t be angry. Instead, all I could imagine was what it would be like to harness that fire and use it in a more productive place, like the bedroom.

So, what did I do?

I offered her a deal. A million dollars to stay with me for a month. If by the end of the month she hadn’t fallen in love with me, then the money was hers.

Too bad for her, I never lose.